We’ve been home three weeks.

In that time, we’ve both started full-time jobs, moved into our apartment, bought a car, bought a couch, bought a mattress, joined a small group in our church …It’s been a little busy…Liberia feels a world away.

People ask how it feels to be back.

It’s feels amazing! It feels weird. It feels normal. It feels odd.

I feel relieved. I feel uncertain.

I find myself mostly in a brighter mood these days. The thought that often comes is “I’m SO glad we went, but am SO glad to be back” I feel a deep sense of relief just being home.

There are moments…like today when I was standing at a cosmetics counter at Southdale talking to a retailer about hand lotion and she started going on about the critical importance of using the correct type of make-up brush for applying eye shadow. Moments like that inevitably cause me to cock my head and wonder, “Important? Critical?”

I mean, I know she’s just doing her job and probably working on commission, but still…Really? Somehow the $38, “cruelty free” brush just isn’t doing it for me. All, I can think about is how far that money would go in the hands of a Liberian.

I politely declined and walked away…feeling again a bit lost, a bit confused about why I get to live here while the Liberians live there.

I just don’t get it.




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