A Jaunt in Monrovia

Monrovia has a completely different feel from “the bush”

It’s loud,





and people seem hacked off and distrustful of everyone else

But somehow, this grubby city has earned a small piece of my heart and I think I might sorta miss it.

The plantain,

the fresh coconut water,

the beach,

the laughs,

the mangoes,

the  little friends,

the big friends,

Each memory, good and bad, is precious. I can’t believe it’s over.

And that’s a wrap, folks!

So long, Liberia…


9 thoughts on “A Jaunt in Monrovia

  1. Thinking of you much today and tomorrow as you travel… and counting down the days until my little piece of time with you as you settle back in. I love you!

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