We’ve been home three weeks.

In that time, we’ve both started full-time jobs, moved into our apartment, bought a car, bought a couch, bought a mattress, joined a small group in our church …It’s been a little busy…Liberia feels a world away.

People ask how it feels to be back.

It’s feels amazing! It feels weird. It feels normal. It feels odd.

I feel relieved. I feel uncertain.

I find myself mostly in a brighter mood these days. The thought that often comes is “I’m SO glad we went, but am SO glad to be back” I feel a deep sense of relief just being home.

There are moments…like today when I was standing at a cosmetics counter at Southdale talking to a retailer about hand lotion and she started going on about the critical importance of using the correct type of make-up brush for applying eye shadow. Moments like that inevitably cause me to cock my head and wonder, “Important? Critical?”

I mean, I know she’s just doing her job and probably working on commission, but still…Really? Somehow the $38, “cruelty free” brush just isn’t doing it for me. All, I can think about is how far that money would go in the hands of a Liberian.

I politely declined and walked away…feeling again a bit lost, a bit confused about why I get to live here while the Liberians live there.

I just don’t get it.




Happy Valentines, big guy!

Last year, on Tim’s birthday, I published this post so those of you who don’t know him could get a better idea of the amazing guy I get to call “husband”. On this Valentine’s Day, I am again reminded of the extraordinary gift he is in my life. I do  not deserve him. And after coming through the challenges of this last year together, I am more impressed with him than ever. Is there anything this guy can’t do? Well…besides remembering where the glasses go in the kitchen cupboard or to how to make a grilled cheese sandwich, but that’s ok, because I am an expert at both those things.

Here, once again, is what I have to say about Tim…

Since the day I met Tim, he has shown me a whole new facet to my existence and it changed everything. He brings color to the mosaic of my life.

For those of you who know Tim, I needn’t go on about how awesome he is. BUT, for those of you less fortunate, I will take this opportunity share my favorite things about him.

He has a lively hankering for adventure

He makes me laugh all the time.

He has the knack for correctly anticipating a twist in big and small happenings.

He has quick blue eyes that are always scanning the horizon in hopes of spotting a deer or other would-be prey


He’s just a happy guy

He is patient

He is brave and pushes me into prickly situations that I initially hate, but am thankful for later.

He reminds me of my dad in that he can figure out or do anything.

He reminds me of his dad in that he has a wealth of knowledge that is constantly growing…guess I scored the best of both worlds.

BUT mostly, Tim loves me so well. I don’t have the words to express how thankful I am and how blessed I feel. I love you more than anything, Tim!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Tim!

A Jaunt in Monrovia

Monrovia has a completely different feel from “the bush”

It’s loud,





and people seem hacked off and distrustful of everyone else

But somehow, this grubby city has earned a small piece of my heart and I think I might sorta miss it.

The plantain,

the fresh coconut water,

the beach,

the laughs,

the mangoes,

the  little friends,

the big friends,

Each memory, good and bad, is precious. I can’t believe it’s over.

And that’s a wrap, folks!

So long, Liberia…