A Walk in Zwedru

My last day in Zwedru…or “the bush”. So, I decided to take a stroll and capture a bit of the local scene that has become so familiar.

Even after living here for one year, these mud huts still blow my mind

The vast majority of homes (aka mud huts) do not have running water. Rather there are pumps set up around the community where people can come to collect their water

Like many children, this girl is unable to attend school because her family does not have the money to send her. Rather, she spends her days wandering through town selling food from her bucket

Same with this girl selling water bags

The Zwedru Market Center

A market lady roasting and selling plantain

Selling palm nuts

Meat Market-Even more disturbing is the pile of…something behind the deer head

Hairy deer leg anyone? (The deer are shorter here)

Motorbike taxi drivers. They look mad, but they wanted me to take their picture…honest

The kids are way easier to capture…and a little less intimidating

Isn't she sweet?

This lady was hilarious. When I asked to take her picture, she stripped off her shirt and exposed her drooping chest. I think she thought I was looking for the all naturale’ Africa.

I love her cute white hair

The communal rice bowl

And that’s it. Good-bye, Zwedru!


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