Weekend with Jen

Back in MN after a gorgeous weekend in WI with one of my favorite people

Jen and I wanted to get out of town, so we decided to pack up and meander out to Lake Michigan for a girls weekend away.

We visited some old friends, ate some rather spectacular food and enjoyed some of the local sights.

We stayed at the Washington Inn in Cedarburg, WI  featuring adorable rooms, wine and cheese social and the most amazingly soft bed sheets I’ve ever slept in. I didn’t want to get up this morning…but Jen made me 😉

Thanks for putting it together, Jen! You’re the best!


The Drunken Barber

Tim arrived in the US about 12 hours ago. Woohoo! SO nice to have him here.

One of the first things on the agenda? A haircut. He had not had a haircut in 7 months and it was beginning to get a little shaggy. Don’t get me wrong…I rather like the wild, untamed look, but nevertheless, a little grooming was definitely in order.

This is the last picture I had of him before the cut…not bad, eh?

I dropped Tim off at a Barber Shop in Saint Paul, went to a consignment shop for a bit and came back to find this…

Not exactly what I had in mind.

The drunken barber (seriously) gave Tim a dilapidated bowl cut that was beyond repair. We mutually agreed that a buzz cut was the only way to salvage the mess. I still love him…even with no hair 😦






People keep asking if it is weird being home. The weird thing is, it doesn’t feel that weird. You’d think it may seem a little strange and there are certain things that do, but in truth, you kinda just fall back into the swing of fast paced American day-to-day. I mean, except that I’m on like a 7-week vacation, which never happens.

I miss Tim. I don’t like it that he’s on the other side of the world, but other than that, I really am loving being here. I’ve not ever had this many weeks to just do fun stuff. It’s great. I’ve been able to do my favorite things with my favorite people.

I’m so thankful for Family,



How awesome to go on vacation in my own home. I can do the things I’ve been saying I should do for years. Minnesota has so much to offer and I’m ready to live it up!